About CRW

Creative Rubber Works (CRW) is a manufacturer of IPEMA Certified and ADA compliant colored rubber mulch surfacing. For the past eight years, CRW has gained a reputation for developing and bringing to market new, “innovative” playground, landscape, and horse arena rubber recycled products. CRW is the original manufacturer of the Curbendable, bendable, interlocking border system. We have sold over 90,000 original Curbendable borders, thousands of play mats and millions of pounds of rubber mulch with a customer satisfaction rate near perfection. Our colorful, long-lasting, recycled products are designed for easy installation, and create one-of-a-kind landscape and playground designs.

Creative Rubber Works has a long established list of commercial and residential partner dealers throughout the country that can help and guide you with your next project. CRW takes pride in all its partners and all playgrounds that are built using our rubber recycled products.

Rubber mulch provides several advantages over plant material based mulches. For landscaping and gardening purposes, rubber mulch insulates soil from heat allowing a 2 or 3 degrees F higher soil temperature difference over wood mulches. Rubber mulch is beneficial for soil moisture as rubber is non-porous and does not absorb water on its way through to the soil. It also reduces fungus growth and plant growth, and becomes a weed barrier as weed seeds dehydrate in the mulch before reaching the soil. Another advantage over plant-material mulches is its elasticity, which gives it a springy quality when used in a fairly thick layer, this makes it a natural choice for playgrounds.

In closing, we would like to once again thank you for visiting our website. We truly look forward to helping you plan your next outdoor playground or landscape project.

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