We Pride Ourselves On Quality

creative rubber works copy

At CRW we take the time to research the long-term effects of different sizes of mulch, and our extensive research shows that our size nuggets are simply the best!

Other companies that seem to be initially lower in price use smaller grades of rubber that tend to “travel” out of the area in shoes and clothing while also compacting down to a lower fill height, often resulting in the need for more mulch after the initial installation! CRW’s innovative manufacturing process combines ecological soundness with state-of-the-art technology. Our recycled rubber mulch is shredded to resemble wood mulch, then coated with a trade-secret non-toxic colored finish to produce an attractive, durable surfacing agent. We pride ourselves on quality and exceed the standards set by US Consumer Product Safety Commission and have sold millions of pounds of rubber mulch with a customer satisfaction rate that cannot be matched.

So don’t short yourself quality at the expense of constant maintenance, and get the better grade of Rubber Mulch right off the starting line with CRW Rubber Mulch! Our rubber mulch is in it to win it and keep your playground or landscaping project full to the depth you selected! Buy right and SAVE in the long haul!

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