Mulching Is A Preference


Mulching is a preference and some use it religiously. Rubber Mulch not only leaves a sharply manicured look, it also helps to retain moisture and block weeds, as well as provide a nice soft landing for playground areas. There are a few considerations to take into account when considering mulching.

Bags vs. Bulk: The size of the area you are going to mulch should determine how you decide to purchase your product. Naturally, if you are mulching a very large area, it is more cost effective to purchase the mulch in bulk. If you are only planning on mulching a small area, then bags should suffice.

Choosing a Color: You can get Rubber Mulch in a variety of colors like black, red, brown, green, blue, cypress, and even un-dyed. CRW’s recycled rubber mulch is shredded to resemble wood mulch, then coated with a trade-secret non-toxic colored finish to produce an attractive, durable surfacing agent.

Application: Rubber mulch works best around a variety of things like trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens or you can use it as bedding for a walkway or even around a pool.

CRW guarantees the impact performance of our Rubber Mulch for 10 years and we provide a 5-year warranty against total color loss.  Rubber Mulch will still look as good as the day you put it down for years to come and it does not break down and disappear on you. Lastly, containing your mulch is very important so be sure to check out CRWs curbendable rubber Borders – a new bend in playground design. Curve it, turn it, or make it straight, you’re only limited by your imagination!

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