DIY Playground

Planning a playground for your children can be fun and rewarding if you take the time to do it right. However there are many different types of structures and safety guidelines to consider before pushing forward with a conventional plan. Backyard entertainment play structures can be located on the ground, elevated, large, or simple but start by choosing a creative design theme regardless of the size. Whether your playground is customized or built from a kit, modifications can be made to the play structure’s design based on the ages and play styles of the children. Locate your playground area in a safe place, ideally with shade and with the proper depth of rubber mulch as your surface material. Keep the structure as fun as possible while maintaining all safety guidelines. If you are looking for a less expensive way to meet your needs for a playground then consider On-the-ground play structures, they can be fun, simple, and frugal alternatives to the large, multi-level structure. On-the-ground play structures can be an outdoor fort with a single room, a door, window, and perhaps a flag. A small, little house could have a garden associated with it. Simple swing sets can be set adjacent to the play structure. Elevated
 play structures with more than one level can add quite a lot of adventure for the kids who use it. An elevated structure could be an elaborate castle that houses fairy tales, a replica of the family’s home, a tree house, a collection of areas without a specific theme, or other creative ideas. Consider purchasing a play structure kit for ease of design and construction effort. Play structure kits have a variety of designs, sizes, materials, and price ranges available. Each kit is equipped with detailed instructions and materials lists available to streamline the construction process.

Once you get through making your decision on type, style and design you must plan for the proper amount of rubber mulch for surface material. The most important part to designing your childs playground is safety. Falling is the greatest risk of injury for children on play structures and ground surface materials are designed to help cushion the fall so the injury would be avoided or lessened. A grassy lawn can become compacted and hardened over time, so each play structure needs extra ground surface protection. Rubber mulch is the best solution to protecting your child in case of a fall. The quantity of rubber mulch is based on the height of the structure and also on the ages of the children playing. The advantage rubber mulch has over plant-material mulches is its elasticity, which gives it a springy quality when used in a fairly thick layer. This makes it a natural choice for playgrounds, where the extra springiness provides additional safety for children when they fall off of playground equipment. Tests have shown that rubber mulch is superior in breaking falls to traditional bark mulches. Visit our web site to best educate yourself about the proper depth rubber mulch for your playground  and good luck with your DIY Playground project!

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