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Rubber Mulch

Made from clean safe 100% recycled tires Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Cypress, Black, and other colors available ASTM F1292 Compliant IPEMA Certified @ 3”, 4”, & 6” depths 99% wire free ADA compliant (ASTM F1951) CRW’s innovative manufacturing process combines…

Rubber Borders

Residential Curbendable Borders A New Bend in Playground Design CRW has sold over 90,000 original Curbendable borders in the past several years with a customer satisfaction rate near perfection. Create a never-been-seen-before playground design.  Curve it, turn it, or make it straight: you’re…

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CRW Products

We Pride Ourselves On Quality

At CRW we take the time to research the long-term effects of different sizes of mulch, and our extensive research shows that our size nuggets are simply the best! Other companies that seem to be initially lower in price use…

Mulch Mulch and More Mulch

It’s springtime here in the Northeast and that means time for renewing, re-doing, creating, and putting plans and ideas into action. Use CRW Rubber Mulch around your landscaping, in a playground area for safety, in your flower garden, as footing for…

Be Awesome And Do It Yourself

The term “do-it-yourself” has been associated with consumers since at least 1912 primarily in the domain of home improvement and maintenance activities, but as many of us have willingly become accustomed to paying extra for modern day conveniences, we have…

Rubber Mulch: A Multi Purpose Solution

It’s a well know fact that there are new uses for rubber mulch being found every year. Initially rubber mulch was introduced to eliminate the need for annual mulching since it doesn’t break down as wood does. Its also heavy…

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CRW Welcomes TimberGyms as our New Rubber Mulch Dealer in Connecticut

Timbergyms of Newington Connecticut is now a certified CRW Rubber Mulch Dealer. Now along with their top quality adventurous playscapes they are able to offer Rubber Mulch, which is the natural choice for playground surfaces. Since 1995, TimberGyms has been selling safe,…

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Mulching Is A Preference

Mulching is a preference and some use it religiously. Rubber Mulch not only leaves a sharply manicured look, it also helps to retain moisture and block weeds, as well as provide a nice soft landing for playground areas. There are…

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